Week Seven: Run Two: ick


Well… todays 25-minute run definitely didnt go as well as Monday’s. This evening I had to stop FOUR times during it. Another side stitch… and once I stop.. well its all over from there. Its like opening Pandora’s box to frustration and defeat.

I know I didn’t get defeated and that I’m still pretty early on in my life non-walking/slightly-running/mostly-jogging, but man… is it frustrating. Especially when I’m driving home from work with the feelings of “I cannot wait to get out there”. And then- this. :( It totally bums me out. Can’t this be just something my body completely embaces and just does now!? No questions asked.. no having to analyze “what went wrong or was different this time?” I’m going to go with a “no”. Oh well. Thats what my mom would say :) I had a big talk with her on the way home from work and asked if she was excited I was doing this… LOL.. wonder if I jinxed tonight.. NO, I know I did’t… Just an excuse. No excuses!! Grrr..

Anyhoo, Friday will be the next 25-minute session. I think I will give it a shot in the morning to switch things up. I just don’t want this to happen to me on the actual day I do the 5k. (May 12! Which is breathing down my neck!)


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2 responses

  1. You still did better than I did today! I wasn’t feeling great all day so I didn’t get out there. Tomorrow is another day, I’ll get out for a run. As for your day today, don’t be discouraged, chalk it up to simply having an “off” day…I have had my share and then some. It is frustrating at the moment it occurs, but don’t let it discourage you when it sounds like you are making progress (your last run of 25min for instance)!! Keep your stick on the ice ;)

    • Thanks! Totally right I guess off days will and just happen. But you know how it is- so dang annoying! Especially after a good day. But you’ll get out there tomorro and I will again run this straight thru. :) slowly but surely! We’re doing a lot than most and for that accomplishment, I am grateful! Good luck tomorrow!!!

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